Unusual floral prints with a twist are the signature of the Hermione de Paula label - and form part of the pervasive theme that things are not always what they seem. Melodramatic hand-painted and collaged florals in soft muted hues are built on the sultry romantic element indicative of the label, fading down or layered over the body, exposing the wearers' fragility and objectifying her sexuality.

Hermione de Paula’s world of intricate prints, nothing is ever quite what it seems. Magical, surreal and sumptuously detailed illustrations ‘A flower is not just a flower’ theme is the epitome of her fun, feminine and intriguing aesthetic which is defined by a delicate yet dynamic edge and adds a new subtle twist and flippant edge to traditional florals

Luxury with an alternative twist: Hermione de Paula takes a feminine diaphanous silhouette and scatters a tongue-in-cheek print or playful embroidery across the folds of super-soft silk or crepe de chine which are the signature in her styling. Enjoy wearing statement fully printed looks or just slip on as an eye-catching extra layer to add a conversation piece to your outfit which will ensure you have a little more fun at the party in, and simply accessorise with a tropical cocktail, or two.